School Location:

RPM & GLH School

4444 Lankershim Blvd. Ste. 210

Studio City, CA 91602


The ultimate purpose of this school is to awaken people to who they really are and get them to their highest spiritual potentials. To achieve inner peace and balance. To turn each and every person into the sole creator of their life. To raise their vibration and in turn boost the vibration of the world we live in. 

Classes at GLH



      These powerful classes will consist of a beautiful message for the week and the intro of an empowering spiritual practice. The sole purpose is to achieve balance. Immediately following, the class will engage in a remarkable Guided Light Healing led by a Master Guided Light Healing Teacher. Each week's healings will differ depending on what will serve a class's highest good. Healings include chakra boosting and rebuilding, soul repair and recovery, Aura boost and repair, removal of negative energies, pineal and pituitary activations, core frequency boosting, and much more.

SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT CLASSES: 1hr 30 min. SPECIAL $25. normally $75.

      Guided Light Healing Teachers specialize in empowering and connecting people to their highest path.

Each week you will get to experience the spiritual tools and principles that made private sessions from Guided Light Healing’s Teachers world renowned over the years. These classes will be very special group healings designed to put your body, energy, and soul in alignment. Each 90-minute experience will be a meditative healing followed by teachings of spiritual and energetic principles. A discussion consisting of spiritual laws and how to use them to your advantage, as well as a Q&A, will follow to create a beautiful understanding and application of the day’s teachings. Each one of these unique classes is designed to inspire and be truly life changing.