Montana Retreat on Mastering your Love Relationships

What purpose do relationships serve us? Are they designed to bring us the happily ever after we’ve heard about our whole lives? Why are relationships so difficult? Is it because we are just with the wrong person? Most of the answers to these questions will probably surprise you. Relationships seem to be one of the most misunderstood and mistaught things out there. What you may not know is that relationships were designed on a creator level to help us grow in ways that are unachievable on our own. At a rate not possible to reach alone.

The truth is relationships have the potential to be one of the most incredible things we experience in this physical world. Without the right tools, the better match someone is for us the more chaotic the relationship will also be. The reason here is relationships are designed to be our perfect mirror. The parts of ourselves that need to grow and change are going to show up in our relationship dynamics.

Concepts like twin flames, highest soulmate, and our souls compliment have gotten a really bad reputation. Just google twin flame. You will see story after story of experiences all containing the message RUN. And it’s understandable. If you've ever met a soul compliment without the proper understanding and right tools it more times than not ends up being a disaster.

But these relationships should never be run from. With the right tools they will be unlike any amazing thing you have experienced in this lifetime. We will show you how.

Come spend three days with me and my souls compliment Christina on our retreat in Montana. We will energetically heal relationship traumas, reclaim lost pieces of your soul, energetically open and unlock your heart, and give you the tools to become a relationship master. You will unlock all that is needed to experience your highest capable relationships in this lifetime.

There is very little information out there taught from successful soul compliment dynamics and even less information where both partners are spiritual teachers. Don't miss this incredible opportunity.

Space is limited. Please contact Julie for details: