Valerie Morehouse

Voice Coach of the Stars

      "Alessandro has become a household name in the entertainment industry."


Multi-Grammy Producer

"Alessandro's clarity and direction have time and again proven invaluable in my life. To say I trust him with my life would be an understatement."


Multi-Hit Recording Artist

"This guy will change your life for the better in ways you never thought were possible."   



Pres/ CEO of Wurrly

"Alessandro is the most intuitive healer that I have ever met. Truly gifted, he has provided me with quicker results than I ever thought possible and given me an arsenal of life-changing tools, all the while remaining kind, gentle and without judgement.”


Actor/ Singer

"My life was good before I met Alessandro. What I got from him after was a sense of belonging and stillness I never had."



"Alessandro will change your life if you let him. He know the straightest path to your greatness..." 



“Most days are uniquely the same, some days I feel the weight of 9 elephants on my back, but no matter how my day started, after I meet with Ale, I feel like I can single handedly take on the world"


Singer/ Songwriter

"After ruling out a medical problem, my vocal coach Valerie Morehouse insisted this time my voice loss/ issues were induced by stress.  She encouraged me to meet Alessandro.  We discussed how to harness my own positive energy through meditation, which is something I had never done before. Sometimes I even do the meditation exercise while I am working out."


Singer/ Songwriter

“With Alessandro you get more than just words. You get perspective, clarity, and a level of understanding of one's self that you probably didn't realize was possible. That right there is priceless. Simply put.. talking with Alessandro is healthy for the soul.. and nothing is more important than that."


Los Angeles

      I have been healing for over the past twenty years.  I have searched the globe everywhere to find "the healer who can heal the healer" and Alessandro is just that.  He is a supreme example of extraordinary love and compassion coupled with amazing psychic insight.  Alessandro has no limits in his abilities to shift you quickly and effortlessly.  In fact, his healings are so profound, yet subtle that you may not yet realize the radical transformation awaiting you. He is a rare healer, particularly that he is a man who is able to understand a woman. It's a gift alone just to receive his overwhelming empathy. Alessandro helped me out of the darkest challenge of my life and I will forever be in the deepest gratitude to him. Many healers emanate healing energy, the rare few can alter your life. Alessandro is one of them.

Nadia Angelini

Intuitive Counselor/Life Coach

      Working with Alessandro is truly a gift. His healing ability and insight is always expansive and effective. I myself am an intuitive/psychic, and I go to Alessandro to help with my own personal issues. That's how great he is! We all need someone who can see inside for us; I trust no one more than him. He is not only kind, and a beautiful spirit, but truly has a gift. I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Charmaine Hamp


      Alessandro is a true spiritual healer and teacher!  I have been a student of Alessandro's for over 3 months.  My goal is to learn how to heal myself so eventually I can help and heal others.  Alessandro offers his techniques and insights with such generosity of spirit.  He is intuitive, intelligent and thought provoking!  I highly recommend Alessandro if you want to understand more about your own gifts and talents and how to achieve the most out of your life.  His techniques go beyond any spiritual teacher I have ever encountered!!!


Recording Artist

      Alessandro has a gift that helps you identify your barriers of blockage and efficiently opens up the path of transformative changes needed in order to reach one's full potential. I have worked with Alessandro in both personal and professional areas in my life. He has helped me identify how my way of thinking and habits have created patterns and continued barriers that have prevented me from reaching my goals in life. Through my sessions with him and the assignments he has given me, I am able to work through my challenges and continue my journey of self empowerment and happiness. This process is especially important given the fact that profitability and success in my field of work depends heavily on my mental and spiritual well-being. I highly recommend Alessandro for anyone who is open to be the best person they can be and have a desire to be successful and happy in all areas of their lives.


Chinese Energetic Healer/ Life Coach

      Alessandro is an old soul who brings his intuitive knowledge to benefit you. I've worked with him for a couple of years and have encouraged him to bring his work to the public to help you. He loves to give homework and my advice is to DO IT. You'll see your life transform with his intuitive coaching and insight.

Tabrett Bethell


      The last few years I have been traveling the world working and searching for healers to help me along on my path...I was lucky enough to have met Alessandro. He has a unique ability to help you and shift you energetically so fast, the fastest out of any healer I know. The healings are full of warmth and you have an almost immediate feeling of calm and oneness...Alessandro's compassion, guidance and energetic healings have helped me shift things in me that no other healer could do. He has a deep knowing...an incredibly powerful healer...one of the best I have come to know...a true light healer...



      When I met Alessandro, my marriage was ending.  Divorce put me through many ups and downs, and though I had my Christian faith, it didn't seem like enough to help me get through it.  I felt helpless.  I cried every day on my knees, praying for answers.  I felt like I was waiting on a miracle.  Well now I think God works His miracles in ways that may be unconventional and unorthodox, yet a blessing all the same... he put Alessandro in my life.  Alessandro has a special gift. He has an insight and intuition into thoughts and feelings you yourself may not know you have.  He brings to light that which you've kept hidden deep in your heart, secrets which you do not confess to even yourself for the fear of shame and judgement. He helped me search within myself to look for answers, and he helped me help myself which is the greatest gift of all.  He enabled me to be a better, stronger, kinder, more positive person.  He helped me through my moments of crisis, and he helped me see the positive side of every situation no matter how bad I thought it was. He helped turn me from victim to victor.  He helped heal my soul.  He helped me see that God and the universe work to make my life better and fulfill my desires.  Alessandro taught me to journal so that I can get clear on exactly how I'm feeling, how to address it, what I can do about it, what I want, and how to get it. Although his methods of healing and insight are unable to be "scientifically proven" (Being in the medical profession, I was initially hesitant to fully take in what he said and taught),  time after time of having him help me has proven to me that he is truly gifted.  He helped me through my divorce, health problems with eczema, new career path, religion and family issues, and many other things throughout the time I've known him, and I'm truly grateful for him in my life.

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